Demolition Estimating Services

Demolition Related Estimates and Studies

Demolition Industry Consultants
provides client with budget, conceptual and definitive estimates along with feasibility studies allowing our clients the confidence of a document produced by a professional demolition consultants with decades of hands-on experience in ALL phases of the demolition process, estimating, bid document preparation, subcontractor selection, project management, demolition site safety, on site day-to-day operation, efficient utilization of personnel and mobile equipment, recycling, scheduling and cost awareness.

Proposal Development

Demolition Industry Consultants assists clients with complete project development from RFP evaluation, bid document review, site visit/project take-off, subcontractor selection, bid preparation, submittals, written plans, follow-up contract award, scope clarification, contract review, schedule of values, engineering survey, demolition work plan thru project closeout. DIConsultants will assist the client with step-by-step advice to provide clients estimating with the confidence to develop a WINNING PROPOSAL.

The Critical Decision: Why choose DIConsultants?

Demolition Industry Consultants principals have earned a top reputation for skill and integrity in almost four decades of work in all phases of the demolition industry. DIConsultants brings hands-on expertise as individuals who have estimated thousands and managed hundreds large demolition projects. You can depend on DIConsultants to bring knowledge and insight into your concerns.

Working with DIConsultants: Services that Match your Needs

Demolition Industry Consultants works in partnership with clients to offer a range of estimating services, from initial assessment to ongoing representation as the project moves forward... Count on DIConsultants to:

  • Make site visit, review as-built drawings (if available)
    documents and reports
  • Recommend plan of action
  • Provide a comprehensive cost break down
  • Prepare bid documents
  • Solicit and evaluate bids
  • Assist in contract award
  • Monitor contract completion
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